More money, less hastle.

Cow-Calf Mobile Log Book

Simple To Navigate

Simple To Navigate

Simply enter an ear or RFID tag to get started.

Increased Efficiencies

Increase Efficiency

No more fumbling around with old paper log books. Works offline as well!

Data Backed Decisions Phone

Data Backed Decisions

Predict best sale times and don’t miss withdrawal dates.

Quick View

Quick View

Your animals records are beautifully laid out for quick review.

Cow-calf Mobile Log Book

Our Cow­Calf Mobile Log Book was designed to replace current paper logbooks. Our app was designed hands on with producers and is simple to use, and easy to navigate.

You can keep track of weight, medication, vaccinations, illness, connect calves to dam and sires, log photos and take notes.

Also works in offline mode for producers in low coverage areas.


Coming Soon


Cow-Calf Online Auction September 2016

Our online auction will allow cattle producers to cull and sell items from their online dashboard direct to feedlots saving on regular auction fees and shrinkage costs.