Chris Karasewich

Chris leads our team to ensure FarmTrack’s solutions fit with consumer demand. He has been building relationships with farmers for several years and works hands on with them to ensure our solutions meet their needs.


Dustin Refvik

Dustin oversees the product development for FarmTrack’s solutions. He has over 10 years experience in project management and software development.


Dmitry Gritsenko

Dmitry develops our software and leads our team of developers. He is the founder of Master of Code, a software development firm with over 115 employees and contractors working in offices around the globe, and has over 15 years in software development experience.


Tom Carchrae

(PhD Computer Science)
Tom is responsible for the development of our predictive machine learning algorithms which analyze the data we collect from feedlots and predict which cattle are sick. Tom has spent his career building workflow automation and optimization algorithms in the Oil & Gas and Agricultural sectors.

Our Advisors


Wade Barnes

CEO & Founder
Farmer’s Edge
Wade Barnes has been working closely with FarmTrack’s team from the start. His vision and understanding of the agriculture space is reflected in the success of Farmer’s Edge, which is well on its way to becoming a billion dollar enterprise. Learn more about Farmer’s Edge here.


Bryce LeBrau

Pristine Prairie Organics
Bryce LeBrau is the owner of Pristine Prairie Organics, one of the largest organic feedlot operations in Canada. Bryce has educated our team of the pains associated with running a feedlot operation. You can learn more about Pristine Prairie organics here.


Don Guilford

Guilford Hereford Ranch
Don is a well known Cow-Calf producer based in Clear Water, Manitoba. He was an early educator of the Cow-Calf space for FarmTrack’s team and continues to advise us while we implement additional features into the app.

Our Partners


Ag Canada: HOLOS

FarmTrack has partnered with Agriculture Canada and has received exclusive rights in North America to HOLOS, software that estimates total farm GHG emissions. Plans are to integrate HOLOS into the dashboard of our Cow-Calf mobile app to help farmers make more environmentally sustainable decisions. We will also be developing a carbon credit offset market. Learn more about HOLOS here.


Master of Code Canada

A Software Development firm with offices in Canada, USA, Netherlands and Ukraine. MOC has over 115 employees and contractors and is responsible for developing and maintaining FarmTracks apps and software. Learn more about MOC here.


Phantom Motion Inc.

A Winnipeg-based engineering firm with experience developing RFID-based technologies. PM is developing the Feedlot Early Detections System. <> Learn more about Phantom Motion here.


Manitoba Technology Accelerator

The Manitoba Technology Accelerator (MTA) is a not-for-profit business accelerator located in Winnipeg’s Innovation Alley district. MTA has provided commercialization support for FarmTrack technologies since our inception. Learn more about MTA here.



Formerly named, Start-Up Winnipeg, North Forge will become Manitoba’s largest startup community. Start-Up Winnipeg is where FarmTrack began. Initially called Cattle Track, the concept for a livestock management tool that could help producers become more sustainable was conceptualized and supported within this community. Learn more about North Forge here.